70 Years of Sunshine

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Compilation by Polish label Monotype Records celebrating the 70th anniversary of the first LSD trip. A batch of etheric lysergic soundscapes contributed by various artists, including Rafael Anton Irisarri.

Review (excerpt):
"The stand-out track is unoubtedly Rafael Anton Irisarri‘s “Scilla im Scilla,” which takes its title from the Latin name for the squill herb. “Scilla im Scilla” sounds like a recording of the plant itself emerging from the ground, all creaks and groans as it struggles against its soil ceiling. When it blooms it does so in such a way as to suggest it could grow forever, infecting the earth and everyone it comes into contact with. It is not dreamy, hallucinatory or particularly pleasant but it does convey perfectly the journey from dirt to mind that scilla took with Hofmann’s help. The deep-seated, ear-piercing squeals that emerge towards the end of the track again highlight the unpleasant effects LSD had on its creator during the initial experiments.

So what can we take from Alfred Hofmann’s story, the creation of LSD and the influence it has had when when it is presented to us by 70 Years of Sunshine? It has to be said that there is little sunshine to bask in here; not one of these 20 tracks speaks of any great warmth or light in a way that reflects Hofmann’s imagined utopia. Instead you get a series of long, dusky drone pieces, cut up lectures and itchy electronica. It cannot be taken as a positive collection of songs; only Invisible Path’s transcendental “Stare Deep Into the Clouds” and Makoto’s “Lost Milkyway” approach anything like bliss, whereas most of the others squirm darkly. There’s no telling how many of these artists have been directly influenced by experiences with LSD, although most of their music has been created in such a way as to encourage similarly spaced-out reactions. If you trace the history of music back into the twentieth century you can find many examples of LSD working its magic, whether it be in Jimi Hendrix’s headband, Syd Barrett’s hair gel or “Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds”, but there’s something about 70 Years of Sunshine that says to me that the acid age is over. The album comes across not as a celebration but as a tired, disillusioned collection of songs that says more about our everyday lives as it does the kaleidoscopic flights of fancy magicked up by drugs." - STEVE DEWHURST, SECRET DECODER MAGAZINE


released July 29, 2013



rafael anton irisarri New York, New York

For mastering inquiries, please visit: www.blackknollstudio.com

“Irisarri embodies the hybrid genre…the new kind of composer, who exists in an undifferentiated welter of pop, techno, and classical.” - PITCHFORK

“His ear for a soul-crushing melody continuing to shine through the album’s dense caverns of reverb” - DROWNED IN SOUND

“Impeccably made ambient thump-and-drone” - ALL MUSIC GUIDE
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